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The variety of fresh ingredients that can be bathed in our fine European chocolates is only limited by imagination. Some of our customer favorites are detailed here.
Coconut Cluster

                White                         Milk                           Dark       

We freshly toast our sweetened coconut as dark as possible without burning it to develop the most flavor.

We mix the deep toasted shredded coconut with just enough chocolate to hold it all together.
It also makes the coconut shatteringly crisp. No thin chewy strands here!
Available in all 3 chocolates. Available in small (.5 oz) or large (1 oz) clusters

      Stuffed Apricots

         White                      Milk                    Dark

A chewy, tart dried apricot is stuffed generously with rich, smooth marzipan (almond paste), then hand dipped in our great chocolates. Available in all 3 chocolates, or for a small additional charge, double dipped in 2 of your favorite chocolates. These are as beautiful as they are delicious.


Cherries w/Macadamia nuts

All of our bark is custom-made to your specifications. Generally, choose one crunchy, one chewy, and
one chocolate, but this is your bark! Feel free to customize it your way. The stir-ins are added to ou
delicious chocolate, then the whole thing is spread out on a flat sheet. Once the chocolate hardens, it
is broken into random shards. Available in all 3 chocolates.


Macadamia nuts
Pumpkin seeds
Sunflower seeds
Potato Chips
Dried Cherries
Dried Blueberries
Dried Strawberries
Mini Marshmallows



           Nibby Bars

White                  Milk                    Dark    

Nibby Bars are a special crunchy treat. Cocoa nibs are the roasted, shelled cocoa bean from which all
chocolate is made. We add this delicious, unsweetened chocolate crunch to our amazing chocolate to
give you a gourmet bar to treat yourself with. Available in all 3 chocolates.

        Specialty Items


Chocolate covered potato chips, chocolate covered strawberries, and molded chocolates
We are constantly expanding our selections. Let us know what you would like to see here and check
back regularly.


Coming soon……


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