Candy by Jamie

    Caramel Tootsies


A hand-selected pecan half is jacketed with a bite-sized vanilla caramel and then carefully
hand-dipped in rich European chocolate. All of the indulgence of the famous chocolate turtle
in a bite-size piece. Available in all three chocolates.

    Chocolate Covered Caramels

        White                         Milk                               Dark     Dark Chocolate Mineral  Salt

Each bite-sized caramel is hand-shaped before being drenched in the finest European chocolate.

Our dark chocolate sea-salt is, by far, our most popular chocolate covered caramel.
Each caramel is hand dipped, then sprinkled with Murray River (Australian) pink mineral salt.
The contrast of sweet and salty. .

The same caramel as our original, but with deeply roasted, lightly salted nuts added. The nuts add a complexity and a richness to make it a whole new treat. Available in 2-Bite Size (approx. 32 pc/lb) and Bite Size (approx. 64 pc/lb). )

The vanilla caramel has always been our most popular item.
The very first caramel we offered.
This is the caramel you have been waiting for.

The richest, creamiest caramels you've ever had! We use only the finest ingredients, like fresh butter and cream, to make these spectacular treats. Once you've had them, you'll never settle for second best again.

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